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Interview Tips

Are you preparing for an upcoming job interview? We’ve put together some great tips to help you prepare effectively. Proper preparation will help alleviate some of the stress of the process and will help you feel more comfortable with being interviewed.

  1. Practice and Prepare - Practice, practice, practice! Make sure to rehearse your responses to the typical job interview questions that most employers ask. However, it’s also important to remember to tie in relevant job experiences and skills you posses to match to the job requirements. The interview is your chance to provide evidence of your previous job successes to promote your candidacy. You should have a list of your own questions prepared to ask the employer. Make sure they're thoughtful ones that show you’ve been paying attention and have done your homework when it comes to researching the company and the specific job you’re after.
  2. Research the company and role - Do your homework on the company and the industry so you are ready to answer questions regarding why you would want to work for them. Your responses should make it very obvious that you came prepared. Look up the mission statement, research any new company moves, you should even try to research the person who will be conducting your interview.

  3. Be on time, which really means early- You should never be late to an interview. That being said, you also shouldn't arrive too early either since they might have another candidate scheduled before you. On time means five to fifteen minutes early. This will give you a few extra minutes to visit the restroom, check your outfit, and calm your nerves.

  4. Stay Calm - It’s normal to get nervous before an interview, however proper preparation should help you to stay calm and come across confident. During the interview, try to relax, remain calm,  and take a moment to regroup if you need it. It is important to maintain eye contact with the interviewer and to listen to the entire question and to take a moment to provide a thoughtful answer.

  5. Follow Up - Always follow-up with a timely thank you note reiterating your interest in the position. This is a great time to include any details you may have forgotten to mention during your interview and to highlight again your qualifications. If you interviewed with multiple people, be sure to send each one a personal note. The thank you note should be sent within 24 hours of your interview.

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